The academic life and influence of mathematician

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I take the liberty of starting this brief preface by picking up a sentence by the 

author himself, the one that in my view summarizes the main objective of the 

book; “The academic and professional life of elite scientists deserves to be 

known by members of society”. Yes, and with much more reason, from our elite 

scientists, at a time when examples of discredit in science abound.

The History of Mathematics in Brazil has been a focus of the many works of 

Clovis Pereira da Silva. In it, he reports the trajectory of the Mathematician and 

Professor Luis Adauto da Justa Medeiros, of whom he was a student in the 

Master’s Program of the Institute of Mathematics of the Federal University of 

Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the enviable scientific curriculum and academic 

trajectory, the book reports the Professor’s view, of the one we should write with 

a capital P: motivator, instigator.

The book is not just a biography of Luis Adauto; it is also a tribute to the author 

to the teacher and friend. It is the confession of those who could experience the 

 passion of a scientist for mathematics, for the training of mathematicians ,and for 

the university, in particular, UFRJ, his second home, where from the top of his 

93 years, Luis Adauto, Professor Emeritus, continues to guide, motivate and 

instigating colleagues and students.

In addition to the text written with the particular care of Clovis and the various 

photos that illustrate important moments in Luis Adauto’s professional career, 

the book is filled with testimonies from former students, today’s researchers and 

professors at several Brazilian and foreign universities.

And if the reader is initiated in high-level mathematics, he will also be awarded 

the reading of Appendix A, written at the invitation of Manuel Milla Miranda, a 

former student and collaborator of Luis Adauto. In addition to a brief list of 

scientific production, several research topics in Partial Differential Equations are 

detailed in this chapter, as well as some of the main results obtained by Luis 

Adauto in this field of mathematics.

Rolci de Almeida Cipolatti


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